Shatavari|Indian Asparagus| Satawar | Shatamuli | Satawari | Lactation Supplement Powder - 200g

Dark Forest

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Key Features

Pure and Natural
Rejuvenative effect on women's reproductive organs. 
Improves strength and immunity.
Improves muscle mass and hence is a good health supplement.

Latin name:  Asparagus racemosus
English Name: Indian Asparagus
Hindi Name: Satavare, Satavari
Gujarati Name: Shatavari
Dark Forest Shatavari Powder is considered woman's equivalent to Ashwagandha. It has rejuvenative effect on woman's reproductive organs. It helps in cases of stomach ulcers, hyper acidity and diarrhea. Dark Forest Shatavari Powder helps to improve strength and immunity.Dark Forest Shatavari Powder is known to increase flow of milk in lactating mothers

General Fitness
Mix 1 tsp each of Dark Forest Shatavari Powder, Dark Forest Ashwagandha Powder and Dark Forest Brahmi Powder for easing menopausal and premenstrual problems.

Skin Care
Apply Dark Forest Shatavari Root Powder paste for soothing the skin.

The product description has not been evaluated by the food & drug administration(FDA). The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. The product should not be used by pregnant ladies, lactating mothers and children below 18 years of age without consultation of a registered medical practitioner.

Storage Instructions
Please reseal the packet after every use. Keep away from moisture and direct sunlight. Use the contents within 3 months of opening.

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