Dark Forest Imported Kavas Wood(Quassia Amara) - 100g
Imported Kavas Wood - 100g

Imported Kavas Wood - 100g

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Key Features

Pure and Natural
Helps for Fitness in Diabetic Conditions
Aids in Removing Hair Lice

Latin name:  Quassia amara 
English Name: Bitter-wood
Hindi Name: Kavas Wood
Gujarati Name: Kavas Wood
Kavas Wood has a variety of uses, including treatment for measles, diarrhoea and fever.

General Fitness
Soak 2-3 chips of Dark Forest Kavas Wood in a glass of water for about 8 hours.Strain the water and drink it in he morning. This will help you keep fit in diabetic conditions.It also helps for minimizing internal parasites, gallstones, and digestive disorders.

The product description has not been evaluated by the food & drug administration(FDA). The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. The product should not be used by pregnant ladies, lactating mothers and children below 18 years of age.