Dark Forest Herbal Drink

Dark Forest

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This kit contains:

Ashwagandha Powder - 200g / 100g

Mulethi Powder - 200g / 100g

Long Pepper Powder - 100g

Dry Ginger Powder- 200g


Mix 1 tsp each of these in half a litre of water and boil it to reduce to half. Strain cool and drink every day!

This pandemic has caused lots of stress and worries in our lives. To top it the monsoon has begun - the regular season of cough and cold. So how do you intend to safeguard yourself? Increase resistance and immunity?
We've got you an option. A simple health drink which drunk daily helps you increase resistance in your body.
Ayurveda for long has known to cure/heal the body naturally. In this pandemic season, the Ministry of AYUSH has focused greatly on these herbs and has encouraged everyone to consume them daily.
Let's check how do they help us.

1. Ashwagandha Root Powder
Ashwagandha literally means smell of a horse. It translates into getting the strength and stamina of a horse. A strong body is resilient to infections.

2. Mulethi Root Powder / Licorice
Mulethi has a sweet taste and is very useful in cough and cold.

3.Dry Ginger Powder
As you all know Ginger is a very common Indian spice. It has great anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Long Pepper Powder
Long pepper is known to get relief from sore throat and other chronic throat infections.