Why do we need Ayurveda?

by Palak Bheda Sangoi

Before starting our journey in adopting Ayurveda in our life, we first need to understand why do we need it?

In the day of modern science we have a cure for every disease. We are going on a path where are organs are becoming almost redundant (e.g. gall bladder) or are being replaced by artificial ones (e.g. pacemaker, artificial limbs). We thus will live longer but with half of our bodies as machines and a dozen medicines to support. Do we really want this life? 

We have often read that sages and Rishimunis in ancient times lived for hundreds of years. Was it really true? They practiced yoga and meditation and ate herbs and jadi buttis all along.

According to Ayurveda, this is true. Even today we can live a 100 years, if not hundreds of years. It is believed that unless you meet with a fatal accident, the human body, its organs are designed to live a hundred years. Fascinating isn't it?

So join me on this path to learning Ayurveda where we unearth the buried wisdom to living a 100 years - happy, healthy and contented.