Giloy | Tinospora Cordifolia | Guduchi

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1. Mulethi acts as an antacid and reduces free and total HCL levels in the stomach
2. Has anti-inflammatory effects and anti-ulcer properties. It decreases the inflammation of stomach linings.
3. Can provide 50 to 75% relief from Aphthous ulcers within one day and complete remission of ulcers within three days
4. Contains a Glabridin compound, which reduces colonic inflammation.
5. Is therapeutically helpful in sore throat, throat irritation, cough and bronchitis.
6. Attenuates the inflammation of bronchi and soothes the respiratory tract
7. Has potency to reduce serum cholesterol levels and hepatic cholesterol.

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Dark Forest Ashwagandha Powder


1. Can reduce blood sugar levels
2. Might have anticancer properties
3. Can reduce cortisol levels: Cortisol is known as a stress hormone given that your adrenal glands release it in response to stress, when your blood sugar levels get too low.
4. May help reduce stress and anxiety
5. May reduce symptoms of depression
6. May increase muscle mass and strength
7. May lower cholesterol and triglycerides

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1. Helps in boosting your immunity
2. Is rich in anti-inflammatory properties along with properties that aid in increasing the body’s immunity.
3. Anti-inflammatory properties help in relieving the pain during sore throats.
4. Being a spicy, pungent herb, ginger also provides heat that the body
5.By increasing the immunity, ginger helps in keeping the infections at bay.

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This is an ayrvedic medicine. I am still using it. Wiil post results after about a month or so. However, the deal was a pleasant surprise. The seller M/s Paras by mistake sent some different powder(Giloy stem powder) which was totally unintentional. They immediately rushed the correct preparation and asked me to keep the other powder also and use it ( another ayurvedic powder - a useful health product). That shows their professionalism. Thanks to every one.

2> this is my second purchase after quite some time. I USED THE EARLIER PACKET AND IT DID HELP ME. I had some problem with my "Serum creatinine" (Kidney related function) It was slightly high but after Gokhru powder's use it came down to normal. But Please don't go by my feed back. Consult your doctor before using it.            

Rajeshwar Prasad for Dark Forest Gokhru Powder on

Wonderful Quality
Brahmi is, together with Shankhpushpi and Jatamansi, one of the most famous brain tonics in Ayurveda. It is known to enhance intelligence and memory power, and is excellent for both students and meditators. It can also be used in hair care.

This brahmi powder from Dark Forest is of an excellent quality. It is very fresh, with a vibrant green color and a rich aroma. I mix one teaspoon of the powder with equal amounts of ghee, honey and Shankhpushpi powder. When taken twice a day, it helps me concentrate and focus better in my studies. It makes the mind clear and reduces stress. Highly recommended!              

Mountainfaery for Dark Forest Brahmi Powder on

Gymnema aka gurmar
Very satisfied to have this, no foreign particle, such as sand or mud which i found in other brand, now about effectiveness of this gurmar powder i must say blindly go for it if you want to control your diabetes. I take 3 times a day( a teaspoon) with plain water, my fasting sugar level come down from 140 to 98 within 7 day

Shamik Tokdar for Dark Forest Gurmar Powder on

Fragrance...n its pure quality...i used this for my chickpea flour....

Amazon Customer for Dark Forest Amba Halad Powder

Good herb for skin & overall health    Anti pigmentation, anti irritation & anti inflammatory. Used both for skin & intake with milk during cold , kick starts healing process when mixed with turmeric

Sindhura Divte for Dark Forest Mulethi Powder on

So happy to receive finely ground medicinal herbs & roots.
Well packaged. Good quality.
Availability of some whole herbs & roots will be nice too.

Amazon Customer for Dark Forest Amba Halad Powder

"Packaging and delivery was good as always. This is my second time that I have ordered this product with Amazon. I am 100% satisfied with the product.
1. Removes dark to matches from skin.
2. Helps to do away with throat infection when we drink with Luke warm/hot milk/water.
3. Soothes out any pains and discomfort from cold.
Typically, in Bangalore we keep having cold but this product has helped me develop immunity against viral infections even.
It's really effective. If anyone wants to be less dependent on medivies then they must go for this product.
Initially , a few months it might not give good results(normally 6 to 8 months) as u our body is used to medicine. But soon you will find the results I.e. once your body gets used to it."   .

Swetank for Dark Forest Mulethi Powder on

Good product ! if you want to remove tan or scars from acne then this will definately help like a charm.I just tried it on face.For hands or legs I still have to check.if you apply the pack daily even once on clean face, for the recent scars you can see the result within a week where as for old scars it might take 1 month to see some improvement and the results are permanent.After the scars are faded a lot, if you stop the use the already faded scars won't reappear.. 

Samarpita D for Dark Forest Muelthi Powder on

Excellence combination product
This product is bit costly but pure natural product.
I'll recommend guys if you have planing to purchase herb pure natural powder.
Please buy only DarkForest product.

 Dhananjay Kumar for Dark Forest Anti Dandruff Therapy on